Anybody that has ridden one of Jake's ViciousCycle events in Eastern Washington has felt the pain and has probably wished they had arrived better equipped.

That's where we come in: We train you for specific events. We are essentially your cycling personal trainer holding you accountable for your efforts. Many of us are eyeing even longer events like Dirty Kanza and we have that training too.

**Want truth in advertising? Here you go: April 14 I actually did finish dead last at Gran Fondo Goldendale, 3+ hours behind the winner. Read the recap for details

gran fondo leavenworth

THIS is why we punish ourselves in the winter and early spring, so we can actually enjoy 80 miles and 8,000 of offroad climbing.

You need to have been through all of this in practice, that's why training is so important. The good news is that all of these things are about your comfort, dry and comfy makes for a happier rider, so start there. Waterproof boots and gloves can be the difference between victory and misery.