*Other coach bios coming.

Eric Norris

After a lifelong love affair with baseball, softball and basketball, I tore my ACL playing basketball and my life instantly changed forever.
After surgery and a period of rehab, I bought a Specialized Allez Sport road bike and started riding, and I never went back to either softball or basketball.
What I did do was meet a small group of guys that wanted to train for STP (Seattle to Portland - 200 miles), so that's what we did. I went a step further and did a solo one-day ride. These guys quickly became close friends and we still do a major out-of-state adventure every year.

This training led to doing triathlons, local big rides, running some 1/2 marathons. I also discovered cyclocross racing and have been having a blast doing that, totally love it. I even tried a few crits. Additionally, I found the Vicious Cycle series of offroad beatdowns that inspired the creation of this training site.

After moving to Snoqualmie, I was riding in the Tour de Peaks event and saw some guys in Snovalley Veloclub kits and checked them out. They were the new and only local cycling club, so I joined. SVVC was very racer-oriented at that time and was pretty hopping. I offered to re-do the website, got on the board, became the president and taught myself how to run a bike club. This work continues today as we have morphed into a recreational club with some racers.

The Tour de Peaks ride had been around for almost 30 years, was run by the local Chamber of Commerce but was struggling to find somebody in their world to run it. I got us into their planning group and after they decided to walk, Jeff Scott and I took ownership and brought it back in 2018 as a funkier and much more relaxed version, keeping it in the upper valley to avoid the Sno Falls / Hwy. 202 sketchiness. We got rave reviews despite a series of torrential downpours when the weather is generally very nice.

Now for 2019:
SnoValley VeloClub: We went to a lifetime membership model and are actively recruiting for both club members and board members wanting to get involved with running a bike club.
TourdePeaks: Work has begun for a bigger and better event this fall.

My current bikes:
Gravel/CX: Cannondale CAADX
Road: Specialized Allez Sport
Fat: Diamondback El Oso Uno

My newest project is The Gravel Riders which will supply gravel-riding related inspiration, whether it is local trail knowledge, local resources, and an extensive library of how-to videos, product reviews and just cool pix and videos shot in the area.
By the way, if anybody needs 1 more reason to start riding, I went from 232 lbs to my current 180 lbs by riding, eating better and living well. Having quit drinking 20 years certainly has had a monumental impact as well.
I'm just really glad that I live in the Washington where despite a raging homeless problem, I can escape the overflowing toilet that is our current National politics.